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Accelerated School Administrator Program

Research and common sense demonstrate that an effective principal is essential to school success.  Throughout North America, there is a shortage of qualified school administrators and a need to develop new ones quickly and effectively.  The Accelerated School Administrator Program (ASAP) helps districts to identify and guide quality candidates in a fast and efficient manner.  Complement your existing professional learning program with one of our online products.



New for Florida in 2014

Until now, ASAP cohorts have used one, highly developed scenario-based simulator to assess decision-making and prioritization. We now have 7 unique InBasket experiences so your cohort members can do two, three or more in a year.

Focus each time on different dimensions within the state leadership standards, from ethical behavior, community relations and school safety, to instructional leadership, diversity and student achievement.

For a free InBasket assessment (a $315 value), go to and provide your contact information. Enter promotional code IBFL and we will give you a credit for one of the new InBasket assessments and send you an ASAP reward for your efforts!

Contact us today for more information.



Pennsylvania Review Committee approves ASAP for PDE credit

The Accelerated School Administrator Program (ASAP) from Qumark Global Solutions is now certified to provide 300 continuing education hours to participants in Pennsylvania's Inspired Leadership Program (PIL) under Act 45.

The Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership Review Committee approved ASAPĀ® for a three year period from May 30, 2013 to May 31, 2016. Read more...



New Learning Module

Important Strategies for Multiple Choice Assessments

Free Learning Module to Help You Master Online Tests!

Online assessments and exams are becoming a common tool for standards-based professional development and professional certification. For many reasons, people commonly consider multiple choice exams easier than essay exams, perhaps because the correct answer is guaranteed to be among the possible responses. In reality, well-designed multiple choice exams are often more difficult because, by their very nature, they force the learner to be familiar with a much broader range of material and require the learner to have a greater familiarity with the standards and competencies of their profession.

Now, ASAP offers a free learning content module, Important Strategies for Multiple Choice Assessments to assist learners in studying for, practicing and mastering online multiple choice assessments.

ASAP Testimonials

  • “From a program director’s point of view, the most exciting element of implementing ASAP has been the flexibility granted to us to adapt the wonderful features of ASAP to our own district and program needs. The technical support has been outstanding. Only three months into implementation, we can already see professional growth in our program participants due to their involvement with ASAP.”

    Theresa Croteau, Director of Staff Development
    Leon County Schools, Florida